How To Charge At Lightning Speed On Your New iPhone 11

How To Charge At Lightning Speed On Your New iPhone 11

Apple has finally announced the era of Power Delivery (PD) technology has come. How important is the PD to your iPhone 11? What are the key features of a charger should have? We are going to tell you how to unleash the charging feature on your new iPhone, to save your time and fit in your lifestyle.

What charging revolution of new iPhone 11 you should know?

As the New iPhone 11 series coming last week, a whole new era of fast charging has come along. The latest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro has developed with a new charging technology with Power Delivery. In addition, there are two types of fast charging specifications in the industry, which are the Quick Charge by Qualcomm and the USB Power Delivery by USB-IF. Today, Apple has chosen the USB-PD as the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook charging standard, that can charge up to 100 watts at high speed, so how should we get in trend and keep up with the pace?

More powerful your new iPhone is, faster charging you need

Charging at 10W was the regular standard for smartphones and most of the tablets. However, as time goes by, iPhone 11 and 11 Pro can now run more powerful and professional applications than ever before, therefore, it becomes a huge need in both battery life and charging efficiency improvement. Thank to the USB-PD technology, it can smartly adjust the charging voltage and Amps (total 18W) along with the battery-level auto-detection on your new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. Now you can focus on the works, shows, Youtube, or games with no worry.

PD Power Bank 10K mAhHow to enable fast charging function?

In order to turn on the full function of Power Delivery charging, we need to understand how Power Delivery works. Power Delivery can only work through a USB-C to USB-C cable, which is 24 full pin count* or USB-C to Lightning Cable with Apple MFi certificate. By means of auto-detection, a PD supported charger can detect the battery level from iPhone, and supply corresponding voltage/ Amp to the device, in order to make sure that the devices can be sufficiently and efficiently charged. The standard PD voltages for iPhone 11 are 5V, 9V,12V up to 18 Watts. Power Delivery technology allows the charger to shorten the charging time to 30 minutes for a 50% battery level of your iPhone. In addition, although the new iPhone also supports wireless charging, it can not be charged at the PD speed as the cable charging now.

* 24 full pin count: If a USB-C to USB-C Cable is not full-pin counted, the bi-directional charging feature for fool-proof design will be limited to only one direction, and it might cause confusion to consumers as cable connection failure.

What features of your new charger should have?

Make sure the charger can provide suitable power with Power Delivery support in total 18 Watt at 5V/ 9V/ 12V or even higher voltages like 15V/ 20V, in order to keep your iPhone 11/ iPhone 11 Pro to perform under the best condition; to ensure your safety, the charger must pass the safety certification such as UL, ETL, or SGS North America, and FCC. Furthermore, if the charger is RoHS and DoE6 certified, then it means that you are also supporting the energy-saving and material recycling for the mother earth.

Is Power Delivery technology safe?

Power Delivery has the auto-detection function, which allows the interfaces to negotiate through PD up to 18W intelligently, meanwhile, it also has the total voltage under its control, therefore, a charger with PD function can be deemed as a more advanced and safer accessory then before. What’s better is that if the charger could equip the over-temperature protection (OTP), over current protection (OCP), and over-voltage protection (OVP) functions, then you can enjoy the flawless charging journey and focus on your game, work, or call.

Refuse mediocrity, Fit in your style in every move.

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