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How fast charging really works? (PART 2)

VogDUO International Inc.Mar 21, '19

As USB-IF has shown with USB-PD, it leads the frontier for fast charging technology. Investing in a USB-PD charger or power bank is a way to ensure your charging rig stays relevant for years to come. Plus with Qualcomm now supporting USB-PD it will stay relevant even for Qualcomm based devices. That’s killing two birds with one stone.

How fast charging really works? (PART 1)

VogDUO International Inc.Mar 21, '19

If you’re currently using a modern phone (an IphoneXs/Xs Max) tablet or laptop for that matter, the chances are high that you’re already an active stakeholder in the fast charging ecosphere. You’ve probably come across it by one of its many aliases – think fast charge, quick charge, Samsung adaptive fast charging and the rest. Virtually all phone manufacturers are integrating it into their high (and even mid-end) devices, and for you the consumer it’s the reason your phone can chug up half a day’s power in as little time as it’d take to get ready for work.

Top Hacks To Charge iPhone To Prolong The Battery Life

VogDUO International Inc.Mar 15, '19

If there’s anything that makes people look forward to the next iPhone release, it’s the possibility of prolonged battery life. Sure, the new features and gadgets to go with the new iPhone are often exciting, but nothing can beat improved battery life.

Literally Suit Pocketable Charger Test

VogDUO International Inc.Feb 28, '19

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