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VogDUO launches POWER GO: World’s Most Powerful Yet Stylish USB-C Power Bank

VogDUO International Inc.Dec 25, '18

Power Go 10000mAh Power Bank with USB-C Power Delivery and 12W USB-A Ports that can Fast Charge MacBook Pro, iPad Pro or Nintendo Switch

How Charger Pro helps business travelers

VogDUO International Inc.Jun 27, '18

The Charge Pro has features and character that make it one of the best wall chargers on the market. Some of its features include: Multiple charging slots that can be used to charge various devices at a go. It can charge your phone twice as faster as other chargers Extra flexible because of the 279 degrees swivel plug. Ultra-compact, slim and sleek design.

A Travel Checklist for Busy Entrepreneurs

VogDUO International Inc.Jun 20, '18

Have you ever wondered what you would pack when you go for a business trip? Sometimes, finding the right items to pack, especially if you are going for a busy business trip can be stressful and frustrating. When traveling on entrepreneurial trips, you might find yourself forgetting the most vital things you need. Many people might ask, what should busy entrepreneurs think about taking on business trips that might make their life simpler? Well, this travel checklist will help in answering the above question. Here are things you need to have with you.

Why Buy A USB-C Power Bank?

VogDUO International Inc.Jun 20, '18

Portable power banks have seen their popularity skyrocket and have become one of the most popular electronic accessories which can be bought. As people become increasingly addicted to the electronic, online lifestyle, batteries giving out is something everyone has experienced.

USB Power Delivery - Universal Fast Charging For Your Devices

VogDUO International Inc.Jun 13, '18

How can Power Delivery help with our lives? USB Power Delivery is a charging technology. It uses USB-C cables and connectors to deliver higher levels of power to your devices. It provides faster charging and more power for larger devices. Compatible devices are...