Deluxe Travel Charger Kit

Deluxe Travel Charger Kit

(Free Zipper Pouch Included!)

Everything you need to keep your smartphone, tablet and laptop powered up no matter where your life takes you!
Stay Connected Everywhere You Go
At VogDUO, we are committed to keeping you connected, in style!
From home to the office to your next outdoor adventure, our Deluxe Travel Charger Kit includes four of our powerful charging products and a convenient Travel Tech Pouch, allowing you to stay charged at all times.
The Black Kit Includes:
  1. Power Delivery 10,000mAh USB-C Power Bank in Midnight Black
  2. Power Delivery USB C/A Car Charger in Midnight Black
  3. 4" USB-C to USB-C Short Cable in Midnight Black
  4. 3' USB-C to USB-A Cable in Midnight Black
  5. Travel Tech Pouch in Stormy Grey


The Red Kit Includes:
  1. Power Delivery 10,000mAh USB-C Power Bank in Rose Gold
  2. Power Delivery USB C/A Car Charger in Fiery Red
  3. 4" USB-C to USB-C Short Cable in Brilliant White
  4. 3' USB-C to USB-A Cable in Midnight Black
  5. Travel Tech Pouch in Stormy Grey
The Perfect Travel Companion
Our Power Delivery technology is not only incredibly powerful, but amazingly compact!
At an extraordinary half-inch thickness and extremely lightweight, the Travel Power Bank can fit in your pocket, making on-the-go charging more convenient than ever!
The Power Delivery Car Charger fits comfortably in any car, airplane, bus or anywhere else your travel takes you, so you can stay charging while you are moving.
Our two travel friendly charging cables connect to either device easily, while all four elements of the Deluxe Travel Charger Kit fit perfectly in the Travel Tech Pouch for transport.
Charge Any of Your Devices Simultaneously
VogDUO Power Bank Capability
Our dynamic Power Delivery devices offer the charging power you need to quickly get even the most power-hungry smartphones, tablets and other USB devices to a full battery, all at once!
The USB-C port and cord combination provide full charging support for a variety of devices including MacBooks, while the USB-A port delivers Max. 5V/2.4A power for traditional USB devices.
The Fastest Way to Charge While Traveling
Your iPhone from zero to full-charge in just 90 minutes.
Your Android devices from dead to 100% in under two hours.
Armed with a 10000mAh premium portable power bank, our Power Bank allows you to fully replenish any mobile device faster than any charger on the market!
The Result? Less waiting for your phone to charge.
 No more dead batteries when you need your device the most.
Just a relaxed weekend getaway with the power that keeps you connected!
A Car Charger Unlike Any Other
You’re probably used to your car charger lacking the power to keep your batteries full. Today’s standard car chargers simply can’t harness the necessary power for fast, efficient mobile charging and certainly won’t power up your laptop or gaming devices.
VogDUO is changing all that!
Our USB Car Charger Power Delivery System is the most advanced car charger available today.
VogDUO Car Charger
The 57W USB-C port and 12W USB-A port are able to quickly charge your Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, Nintendo Switch and other USB-C enabled laptops and devices twice as fast as the competition!

 Universal USB Compatibility

We incorporate USB-C technology into our Power Delivery system to offer you full compatibility for every device that you have.

Featuring reversible connectors, next-level charging speeds, and backwards-compatibility with virtually any USB device, just one Power Kit is all you need no matter how many different types of mobile devices you bring with you!

The 4" USB-C to USB-C Travel Cable connects to all mobile devices, plus MacBooks and laptops and includes a Reversible Connector.

VogDUO travel cable


The 3' USB-C to USB-C Cable comes next-generation connectivity including reversible connectors, optimal charging speeds and backwards compatibility with all your latest USB devices. Not only is the cord extremely durable, flexible and versatile, but the rapid energy transfer means your devices get to full battery faster than ever!

Pack. Charge. Enjoy.
The full Deluxe Travel Charger Kit is designed to conveniently fit in the included premium Travel Tech Pouch, which keeps your vital charging supplies organized and safe.
The easy-zip style that features dedicated sections for each component means that you’ll instantly see that you have all the items in the kit, while keeping them protected during your travel.
The Advanced Safety System That Protects Your Devices
We understand how important it is to keep your devices safe at all times.
That is why our Power Delivery System includes a variety of safety and protection technology that delivers unmatched charging speed and power, while preventing overheating, overvoltage, and overcurrent.
Never worry about your devices when you charge with VogDUO!
VogDUO Advantages
The VogDUO Advantage
From our stylish design to premium manufacturing, every VogDUO product includes cutting-edge circuitry and high quality components for exceptional product quality.
Our technicians rigorously test each product, giving you the peace of mind that you are receiving nothing but the best when you order our Deluxe Travel Charger Kit!
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