9to5Mac x VogDUO

Thanks for posting and sharing the amazing product of VogDUO 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with leather design.

It was a fantastic journey that actually inspired people who gets used to the me-too products and just couldn't get a more personalized design for your Apple products.

This time, VogDUO comes up with a brand new wireless charger that is foldable and retractable for better portability and organization. It embraces the most adjustable angles and heights for people who travel and work remotely.

100% Genuine Leather

VogDUO selects the leathers that are made of Vegetable tanned leather that uses these natural tanning agents from sources like quebracho, chestnut, or mimosa trees, making the leather timeless and preserving the natural texture.

Take a look on what 9to5Mac says

Link to 9to5Mac Post or Click the image below.