VogDUO Leather Selection

Leather, a material that is designed to tell stories by aging (a process called Patina) with the user. It's an interesting texture that we are obsessed with. The leather that goes through proper tanning features great protection, luster, and tenacity when unfolds in front of our eyes.


Each VogDUO product has its own tech charisma that shows the power of design for different usage, and the leather helps humanize the technology. Therefore, it is crucial to find the leather that matches the product from thickness, tenderness to color.  


Leather is known for its flexibility, to take advantage of it, we've studied hundreds of ways to keep the best condition of leather after molding. With various of media and timing methods, we keep testing and optimizing the process for better results.


Combined with the classic pattern of VogDUO, a double V shape of waxed thread crossing through leather pieces creates strong coverage for the product. Our sophisticated craftsmanship also shows our passion for design and the pursuit of lifestyle. 


To finish the final process of crafting, we make sure the leather shows the best of it even at the edge. We insist on not oiling the edge because we understand that the oil does not stay forever, but the natural lipid inside the leather does. By pressing and countless rolling with a sandalwood stick, we aim for making the edges neat and smooth.

Why Choose VogDUO Accessories?

As veterans of consumer electronics, we are very aware of the challenges that come along with me-too designs, and tedious tones. We, therefore, try to differentiate ourselves through lifestyle elevation and vibes creation. At VogDUO, we deeply understand the joy of holding an Apple device in our hands, and we also realize how important to make a comfortable and convenient environment with safety and cutting-edge designs.

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