Wireless Charging, What's good?

The best advantage of wireless charging is the simplicity and convenience of just placing your phone or AirPods Pro down with one hand to start charging, and then grab it again when you're ready to go. When it comes to night charging and desktop charging, it is also a safer charging solution for your batteries. 

Wireless and Magnetic

It is the alignment issue that struggles people while using wireless charging in the first place. You could find your phone has not been charged overnight or still running out of battery after a conference call. However, this problem has been solved by Apple's MagSafe design. The idea came from the early MacBook charging design which could keep the MacBook from being dragged off the desk with the cable. Now it helps your iPhone to stick on the charging pad that also embeds a magnetic circle, and also automatically finds the sweet charging spot. With the trickle charging design, your iPhone will be charged safer when your iPhone gets charged close to 100%, especially when it comes to overnight charging.

Why should I update to wireless charging?

As an iPhone user, using the most out of Apple design can unleash the best user experiences in our daily life. The magnetic alignment helps the creators free up their hands but still can FaceTime on their iPhone or check on the apple watch, it also helps the users who rely on voice control to have better accessibility and stability of their phone. Meanwhile, it becomes more instinctive while snapping your iPhone on or taking it off the charger, no more searching for the cables on the ground or dragging your phone off the table. Try out and experience the boundless life with your latest iPhone now. 

Leather + Wireless

Except for the technical designs, the lifestyle elements are also the spirit of VogDUO design. Instead of massive production, we focus on more custom-like material studies and handmade quality. Therefore, it comes with a leather series that matches your couch, wallet, jacket, or other everyday carries. A tech piece that has warmth in the design and in your life.

Why Choose VogDUO for Apple Accessories?

As veterans of consumer electronics, we are very aware of the challenges that come along with me-too designs, and tedious tones. We, therefore, try to differentiate ourselves through lifestyle elevation and vibes creation. At VogDUO, we deeply understand the joy of holding an Apple device in our hands, and we also realize how important to make a comfortable and convenient environment with safety and cutting-edge designs.

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