It's all about tracking, not exposing. Ee use Premium Italian Leather to fully cover up the AirTag, but not sacrifice the portability and durability. With hand stitches and metal buckles, you can securely keep your AirTag in your bag, on a bike, in a car, with a key, or even a notebook.

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The VogDUO AirTag Case is made of Premium European Genuine Leather with durable craftsmanship from stitching to edging. The fine texture shines on your classic taste with different styles.


The intention is to keep your AirTags from unnecessary exposures. AirTag is already designed for secretly tracking your items, so it should also be carefully and securely protected. And the full coverage Leather case will do the job for you without shielding the signals.


The Anti-lost brooch pin design, provides reliable attachment to your belongings.


We select premium leathers with real thickness, so you can feel the tenderness and flexibility of the leather itself. It is very robust and develops a distinctive patina in the course of use. Our products' exterior grains may differ from each other with the various birthmark, imprints, wrinkles, or colors. This creates an individual companion of natural beauty and makes each unit unique. The product might look slightly different from the images.

Please note: Genuine leather has its natural patterns, each unit might look different from the images; The metal in the camouflage version, is designed to have signs of deliberate antiques.

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Horween leather

Made With Horween.

Brooch Pin Design.

Celebrated for its superior comfort andremarkable durability. Elevate your lifestyle with the unique elegance of Horween leather, designed to enhance your experience with every use.

So Slim. So Light.

One of the standout features of our new AirTag case is the innovative brooch pin design. Unlike traditional lanyard holders that dangle and swing, our brooch pin design ensures your AirTag stays securely in place. It’s slim, lightweight, and incredibly practical for daily use. Attach it to your bag, jacket, or any fabric surface without worrying about it getting in the way.

Invisible Security

Privacy and protection are paramount. The AirTag Leather Case fully encloses your AirTag, keeping it hidden from view while still allowing it to perform its tracking function. This complete coverage ensures that your AirTag remains discreet and secure, blending seamlessly with your personal style.


As travel enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of reliable and stylish accessories. The AirTag Leather Case with Brooch Pin Design is perfect for frequent travelers who need to keep track of their luggage, bags, or personal items. Its secure attachment mechanism ensures that your AirTag stays in place, no matter where your adventures take you.

Apple’s Aesthetics

We’ve designed our AirTag Leather Case to complement the sleek aesthetics of Apple products. Its minimalist design and high-quality leather perfectly match the sophisticated look of your AirTag and other Apple accessories. It’s the ideal addition to your tech collection, combining style and functionality in one elegant package.


Simple living, on the other side, is wider in scope and pertains to focus.

Model No. : ATC200
Model Name: Brooch Pin Leather Case - AirTag

1. Horween Vegetable-tanned Genuine Leather
2. Japan Brooch Pin
1. Metal Key Ring
2. 8-inch long Nylon lanyard

Compatible with Apple AirTag

Q1 : Does ATC200 package come with AirTag?

A: No, the Apple AirTag is not included with the package.

Q2: Is it made of genuine leather?

A: Yes, it is made of Italian vegetable-tanned leather.

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