Leather Case - Belt Loop/AirPods Pro
Leather Case - Belt Loop/AirPods ProLeather Case - Belt Loop/AirPods Pro

Why should you buy Italian made full vegetable-tanned leather case? As it always starts from a soft touch feeling for good vibes to its variations in color and then will mature and be unique in ways with various users over time

What makes it so special?


The unique Italian Genuine Leather designed by the VogDUO artisan team has become an icon of a stylish lifestyle, and redefined the definition of a power supply. VogDUO believes that you deserve the well-designed and decent material as the real Genuine leather which can keep you from high temperature after usage, also, the charger can be quite a scenery on your desk, or beside the bed.


With the S-hook included in the package and the belt-loop design, there are more ways to carry your music around. No more leaving and missing your AirPods Pro and secure it in place when you are on the go.


This premium leather case can be one of the best every day carries. Each one is built with exceptional craftsmanship to fit your AirPods Pro.


Only vegetable-tanned leathers have a such premium smell that presents high-end handmade products, and you can have it, too.


The leather case is well pakcaged with the White Box for the best presentation to your loved ones.

What's your color


How many units

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Please note: Genuine leather has its natural patterns, each unit might look different from the images.

Warranty: 1 Year After Purchase

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Become tender over time

Gently holds up your AirPods Pro 2nd Gen and protects it with Italian genuine leather. Handcrafting with care, stitching with profession, immerse with mink oil, edging with patience, and it will become tender with you over time.

Craft and Creation

We are dedicated to inspire positive vibes through working with profound skills and Italian genuine leather.  VogDUO artisan team are very proud of our every development project.

Easy Access

We are trying to simplify the access of the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen by loading it in opposite direction. To take out the the AirPods Pro, just push and slide inwardly by index finger!

The Best Everyday Carry

How to always remember to carry your AirPods Pro 2nd Gen from your daily life?

Leather Case for Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation
Model: APG100

  • Materials: Italian Genuine Leather
  • YKK brand Metals
  • Fit for Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

APG100 is fully compatible with Apple AirPods Pro

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