USB C Car Charger - Power Delivery

USB Car Charger -Power Delivery USB C | VogDUO
Inside the package :
1. Car Charger with power delivery
2. 75cm USB C to USB C black Cable
  • 57W USB-C port with Power Delivery 3.0
  • 12W USB-A port
  • Charge Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, Nintendo Switch and other USB-C enabled laptops and devices
  • Fast charge smartphones, tablets, and accessories up to 2x faster
  • LED indicator for power and car battery low voltage notification




Elegantly compact the body is aluminum alloy for years of reliable use by both drivers and passengers.

· Leading Power-Delivery Technology

· Stylish and innovative design

· Enjoy splendid life with colorful design


Keep Driving.
Keep Playing.

Power and charge the latest laptops and accessories with USB-C Power Delivery 3.0.

Keep your Mario quest going with VogDUO-certified support for Nintendo Switch.


Tiny Yet Powerful

At less than half an inch thin, Charger Go provides more power than chargers twice its size.

With up to 45W of Power Delivery over USB-C, you'll easily charge new laptops like Apple MacBook and even gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch.


Future Proof Charging

With the included USB-C port and Power Delivery, you'll be able to charge your favorite devices for years to come.

The additional USB-A port provides 12 watts of power so you can simultaneously charge mobile devices like an iPhone, iPad, or other accessories.


Car Battery Monitoring

Don't get caught off guard. An integrated LED notifies you when your car battery is low so you can replace it and avoid experiencing an unexpected dead battery.


Beyond Ordinary

Charger Pro features a sleek, elegant design that's a perfect complement for luxury vehicles.

And because we believe that no detail is too small, we chose a special high gloss material for Charger Go that is flame retardant.


Universal Compatibility

Upgrade your charging experience with any USB device, whether you own latest Apple MacBook, Nintendo Switch, or older smartphones and tablets.

Q & A

 Q:  Does this charger work with an Essential Phone?

A:  Yes, it will quick charge an Essential phone with the type C port.


Q: Does this work with Google Pixels and Nintendo Switch?

A: Yes, it works with Google Pixel and Nintendo Switch perfectly! The USB C port can quick charge the Google Pixel and the USB A port can charge the Google Pixel at a regular charging speed.


Q: Does it support charging with 9v?

A: Yes, the USB C port supports with 9V. Here is the specific information: USB-C Output (Power Delivery): DC 5V, 9V, 12V; USB-A Output: DC 5V 2.4A Max.


Q: Does this support Power Delivery at 15 watts?

A: The USB type C will charge up to a max wattage of 45watts the device will regulate charge current and wattage depending on the charge percentage of the battery to the short answer is yes.


Q: How many devices can one charge at the same time?

A: Two -- one via a USB-C cable and one via a standard USB-A cable. Note that only the USB-C cable supports Power Delivery, but the standard USB-A port does support 12W (5V2.4A) output.


Q: Can you keep this in your cigarette lighter port when your car is off and not in use or will it drain car battery?

A: Unless your vehicle cigarette lighter port remains on when powered off, there will be no battery drain. You can leave Charger Go plugged all the time. No problem.


Q: Can Charger Go charge my iPhone 6?

A: Yes it will charge anything that charges from usb. It will also auto adjust the amperage to make sure it doesn’t charge to fast on certain devices. This prevents battery and device damage.