100% Recycled 

100% Recycled Shipping Material - Let Us Invite You To Do Something for Our Earth

VogDUO ECO-friendly shipping boxes and packing material are made of recycled materials, are reusable, or will easily degrade in landfills. Millions of packages are shipped around the world each year, most of them are encased inside a cardboard box.

Cardboard is a stiff, heavy-duty shipping material and is recyclable. Cardboard actually can be recycled and reused up to 8 times before the fibers become too weak to use. The next time you receive our package,  you can reuse the shipping box or recycle it.

Actually going green is easier than you think. There are always little things we can do every day to help reducing further pollution to our earth and make a less harmful impact on the daily life environment. 

Environmentally responsible

From shipping material to energy efficiency, building our products with sustainability in mind is an essential part of our DNA. The popular Charger Pro achieves Energy Star Level 6 as specified by the Environmental Protection Agency.