The Two Gadgets You Should Get For 

Your Apple Products

Value proposition of VogDUO

In this rapidly changing era, our living methods need to be more flexible and powerful to adapt to every upcoming scenario. From the COVID-19 to climate changes, our living and working conditions altered swiftly day by day. As a user-in-mind brand, we keep searching for the best solutions for our users not only to enjoy the essential technologies but to truly help them to cope with the daily challenges with the most thoughtful design and advanced technology. 

It is convenience and versatility that VogDUO truly cares about, variants of usage or portability are often integrated as the core of our product design. No matter you are working from home or going back to the office, VogDUO always provides the top-notch and best selections power-wise and portability-wise. With the consistency of leather design, you can always feel hommy and being taken care of while at work, on the go, or relaxing at home. Therefore, a brand new series of premium leather designs added to technology accessories is born.

VogDUO 65W GaN Charger

for iPhone, iPad, MacBook

Every now and then, we would have to carry 1 or more chargers from time to time for a smartphone, a tablet, and a smartwatch, It is certain that the weight and occupation of space are quite disturbing. Plus, normally a charger with high power gets untouchably hot while charging, all of that concerns were heard. VogDUO carefully solves the size issue with the latest GaN Technology, not only minimizes the mass and weight but increases the charging efficiency. Furthermore, Genuine Italian Leather has been added to the cover to insulate the heat shock for the users. As the 3-port-USB Wall charger, VogDUO 65W GaN charger is by far the most caring everyday carry of your choices.

Genuine Leather Case

for AirTag

When AirTag becomes a necessary finding tool, it might also become an obvious target for theft, is it crucial to keep it at the right place and safe for full protection. It is one of a few things of the Apple products that we think need to be fully covered, and we believe that it could also be elegant and functional even when it’s wrapped up by Italian Leather. The gently designed open-angle and shape give you a 100% sturdiness of holding the AirTag. While buckling up the case with your bag, bike, or laptop case, you can always find it worry-free to switch from a key ring, and a hand strap in the package.