Here is Why Charger Pro the Answer to Your Charging Problems

Here is Why Charger Pro the Answer to Your Charging Problems

Admit it or not, phones have become an integral part of our lives; we literally take them everywhere we go (everywhere). Thanks to phones, we can take pictures, record videos, listen to our favorite songs, stay updated, and remain in touch with our loved ones.

              There is a famous proverb that you might have read/heard before: Necessity is the mother of invention. This proverb holds impeccably true in so many cases and scenarios that it is not quite possible to mention each scenario in this informative blog. However, one can be explained and that is the dilemma of charging a phone when you are traveling.

What if you are traveling and your phone’s battery runs out of juice? And so does your power bank. There are chances that like many other travelers you will also face an unwanted scenario: a crowded power strip or only one power outlet that is behind the hotel lamp. Instead of charging your phone or power bank one by one, what if you had a charger that could easily be plugged into any power outlet or small space in a crowded power strip. In order to overcome this issue faced by travelers from all over the world, VogDUO brand came up with an amazing, admirable product called Charger Pro [30W Travel USB Wall Charger – SPC001].

Features of Charger Pro

  • This 30W USB wall charger comes with not 1 but 3 ports
  • It can charge 3 USB devices at the same time
  • Extra flexibility is provided to the charger with the help of a 270-degree swivel plug
  • The design is slim and ultra-compact
  • It has the competence to charge your phone twice as fast as any other charger
  • Comes with an LED indicator

What is So Distinctive about Charger Pro?

Here are some decisive reasons that explain why it the best portable charger in the market and why it is a ‘must have’ item for anyone who plans to travel:

  • You get to fast charge three tablets at the same time

There is no denying that time matters and it means a lot more when someone is traveling from one place to another. Shortage of time means that you cannot charge your tablet, phone or any other USB device at the same time. With Charger Pro, you can easily juice up your USB devices without any inconvenience at all.

  • There are No Constraints of Space for You

Thanks to the 270-degree swivel plug, you can easily plug the Charger Pro in any outlet. This means that there will be no issues regarding less space. This swivel plug wall charger is a compact device that can easily fit into small spaces. So, charging becomes way easier for the user.

  • It has All the Traits to Become Your Traveling Companion

It is only half an inch thin and this means that you can easily place it anywhere in your bag without any worry of getting scratches on your laptop/tablet or any other valuable item. It is a light and ultra-compact charger that is specifically designed to suit your needs.

  • It Universally Supports 120-240V

You can go anywhere in the world without the worry of whether your phone is going to get the required charging voltage or not. It is an amazing travel USB charger that universally supports 120-240V. Cool, right?

  • Most Important of all, It has Pre-Installed Advanced Safety Systems

This is probably one of the most likable features of Charger Pro. In order to ensure that utmost safety is provided to the user, the charger comes with already installed advanced security systems. This means that the safety technologies make it certain that there is absolutely no overheating, overcurrent or overvoltage. It goes without saying that your phone is perfectly safe while you are charging it.


The Bottom Line

Small size (check), three ports to charge up to three devices concurrently (check), ultra-compact design (check), pre-installed advanced safety systems (check), fits into small spaces (check) and super light and compact (check). 

What else there is to not like about this slim wall charger. Needless to say, it is a great travel USB charger that provides an affordable and highly effective solution to all your charging worries. All in all, it has all the traits to be called as the best portable charger in the market.

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