Top 9 Battery Charging Myths you should stop Believing

Top 9 Battery Charging Myths you should stop Believing

From our childhood, we hear some of the strange things about battery charging. It includes many things, including charging time, usage during phone charging, overcharging, and many more like this. If we get our batteries damaged or bad, we start avoiding these aspects which are not right according to the latest researches. The experts deny all these thoughts and called them MYTH, which has no reality in actual. These are only rumors that your phone can be exploiting with such kind of acts. This is not accurate, and because of these assumptions, we are ignoring the actual things which play a role in making our phone batteries out of order.  In this article, we will tell you about those top 9 myths for mobiles device users, which they should stop believing along with some of the best charging solution.

#1. Is a low-quality charger safe for my phone?

Usually, people go for low quality and cheap chargers to save money as they believe in the myth that all the chargers serve the same purpose. The purpose might be identical, but not the quality. You can bring harmful effects to your battery by plugging it to cheap and non-certified chargers. For some money, it is not wise to put your battery on risk by choosing low cost chargers rather than high-quality and certified ones.

#2. Is it safe to plug in my phone whenever I got a chance?

If you want your batteries to be charged well, you must put your phone on occasionally charging in a day. It won’t be beneficial for the array of your phones to put on long time charging when they die entirely. When your cell phone lowers to the battery of 10 or 15 percent, plug in your phone which will prove suitable, according to the latest research. If you avoid charging your phone more than one time in a day because of the assumption that this act can cause harm to batteries, you should stop believing this.  

#3. Can charging my phone before it died exploit battery?

People use their phones until the last point of battery and put on charging when it died. They do so because they believe on the assumption that it may bring harmful effects on your battery to charge it before the time it goes out. The experts denied this too by saying that it makes no difference in battery life and one can charge the phone whenever there is need of it. You should prevent your phone from getting powered off many times because of low battery and charge it on time.

#4. Should I delete Apps to save my battery?

People often have so many applications in their phones, which overall have no as such connections with the battery life of phones. It is a false assumption, and there are apps which can suck the phone’s battery more rapidly even when you are not using them. The presence of apps like Facebook, Instagram, and some other apps which continually checks and updates you about future messages and notifications do lower your phone’s battery but slowly. 

#5. Is it true to restore some battery by restarting my phone?

Anytime when people are out, and their phone is about to die, they restart the phone that battery timings may increase. It is another top myth which you should stop believing as nothing can restore the phone’s battery than a charger. By this act, you may also be lost the remaining battery and unable to turn your phone on without plugging into charging.

#6. Can I use my phone during charging?

People do not even touch their phone when it is on charging because of the common myth that it may spark or bring some harmful consequences. If you are using a quality battery and regular charger, no such problem usually occurs in the ordinary course. You can use the phone when it is plugged in if it is necessary to use while using the quality charger and battery.

use phone and laptop while charging

#7. Is it unsafe to charge my phone overnight?

It is a widespread myth while considered one of the dangerous charging habits. We see that people often ignore to charge their phones for the whole night as their phone batteries might get damaged and weak. The technology experts do not seem to be convinced with this statement as they say that even if your phone remains on the charger for the whole night and battery goes down, it will start to charge again automatically. You can unplug it in the morning, and you will see that nothing terrible has happened with your battery.

#8. Is it crucial to charge my new phone 100% before use?

Whenever people bring a new phone to home, after unpacking, the first thing they do is to put it one charging and do not unplug until it gets fully charged. People do so even if the phone has enough battery time for initial use. It is not necessary as the first charge won’t provide your battery a long life. These recommendations are often provided to people by the manufacturers to give them a good impression, and it has nothing to do with the battery life in the future.

#9. Should I eject my phone always before taking it out of the computer?

For different reasons and file transferring purposes, people often attach their phone with a computer through data cable. After completing the work, they remove the phone directly, which is not safe. The eject operation must be performed before taking your phone out. People might think that there are no such benefits of using eject option, but it is safe for the files of your mobile phone.

Safe Battery Charging Solutions

Instead of believing and blindly following these myths, we must look for some of the most productive and safe battery charging solutions. The question here arises that what could be they? Here we are going to discuss some of the most beneficial and effective ways which allow your battery to be charged safely. There is a need to understand that we face many of battery-related issues due to inadequate charging times and chargers. You will see the difference by choosing the best charging devices to charge your phone battery as it won’t get affected soon even if one does to ignore these problems, we must want the best charging devices.

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