USB 4.0 will be the game changer in 2020

USB 4.0 will be the game changer in 2020

USB4.0 with USB-C will be the game changer in 2020

As the latest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro has been released yesterday, the new smart-phone PD charging era has begun. Through the Power Delivery technology support, the iPhone can charge up to 50% battery in just 30 minutes, and the key feature to make this happen is USB-C. USB-C has been strongly updated and promoted for the last few years, and it is ready to move forward to the next step. 

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro can be fast charged through USB-C

Universal Serial Bus, which is called USB has now evolved into USB 4.0. The USB IF has announced that Intel Thunderbolt 3 specifications are integrated into the USB 4.0 version with USB type C. The full data-transferring speed at 40Gbps (2X faster than the early version), and full 100W power delivery function are expected.

Thunderbolt has been widely implied on the Apple Mac series for video streaming and 3D modeling, to step up the user experiences and expand the usage, it can be a huge upgrade by merging the USB standard and be backward compatible with the early version of USB 2.0-3.1. One of the manufacturers’ points of view, the good news is, the new USB 4.0 with full function of Thunderbolt 3 is no longer Intel-certified needed, so will the price stay lower to the consumers.

Mac series are compatible with USB-C connectors

Now, what’s the core features that make the USB4.0 that future promising? The answers are, by connecting the CPU PCIe directly; lifting up the image pixels delivery; and releasing the Thunderbolt 3 protocols with USB-C, we can expect the lower CUP resources occupations; the higher image display up to 4K; the higher power delivery up to 100W and more through one USB-C cable. Therefore, there will be no more confusion around the cable mass with USB-A. 

USB4.0 can display 4K resolution on the monitor

According to the reports, the USB4.0 is on its way of manufacturing, we can expect the whole USB4.0 era is coming next year and leading the world forward to simplification and efficiency on our daily work, such as data transfer, faster device charging, video display. As the coming USB-C generation, all you should get prepared is to make sure that your devices can be charged properly and fast through USB-C charger and cables, meanwhile, we still have the options before transferring the entire user interface from USB-A to USB-C. VogDUO provides the most advanced Power Solutions which contains USB-A and USB-C all in one with PD technology to get you on track and ready as the buffer period no matter at home, in the office, in cars, or outdoor. As iPhone 11 and  11 Pro are compatible with the 18W charger, VogDUO has been moving forward to the 57W PD car charger and PD Power Bank, therefore, you can always keep powerful for your baby devices any time everywhere. Never have to worry about the massy USB specs and the low charging efficiency anymore, because we have made it simple for you.

VogDUO had the entire USB-C PD charging solutions/ chargers for your new smart phone.

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