100W 4-in-1 charging and a classy leather exterior wrap

100W 4-in-1 charging and a classy leather exterior wrap


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How about a new charger to simplify your workstation? This handy gadget organizes wires while delivering 100W of power. Not only that, but it also comes with an elegant genuine leather wrapping. Read on to learn more.

It certainly seems that the sky is the limit when it comes to charging devices. Just when you think you’ve seen them all, another comes along that surprises you—oftentimes in the best of ways.

The VogDUO Charger is no exception, delivering a 100 W 4-in-1 charging experience. It even has a classy leather exterior wrapping that truly sets it apart from other devices like it.

Want to know more about this interesting new gadget? Let’s check it out!

Keeps multiple wires simple and desks clean

The creators of the VogDUO Charger feel your pain when it comes to tangled wires and messy desks. That’s why this nifty charger has an exclusive 5-foot extension cable that reaches from a nearby outlet to your desk, table, or nightstand.

This way, you can plug your devices directly into the front of the charger without having to run each wire behind or underneath surfaces. It makes it plenty easier at night, too, if used on a nightstand.

Offers 4-in-1 charging to expand functionality

Have more than a device or two that need charging? Don’t sweat it! The VogDUO Charger lets you plug in up to 4 different USB devices. It can reach a max charging power of up to 100 W, which is quite generous. Certainly more than capable of meeting the fast charging needs of devices like the M1 Pro 14-inch MacBook Pro.

Has a portable design that’s easy to take with you

One of the best things about the VogDUO Charger is that it can easily be taken with you wherever you go. This means that, once you pack up your other devices, you can take the charger, too. It’s not more than a few inches across and weighs less than one pound. It’s perfect for tossing into a backpack as you move between locations.

Features a genuine leather exterior wrapping

The VogDUO Charger also includes a classy leather covering. This should appeal to all my fellow leather enthusiasts out there. If you’re concerned about the quality, don’t be. It’s made with real, genuine Italian leather and is double stitched. It’s even available in more than one color, should you have a preference.

Is a slick charger that delivers on function and form

If you’re looking to extend your charging game to a new gadget, you should try out the VogDUO Charger. As a 4-in-1 solution GaN solution that helps declutter your space, it only stands to help. Not to mention its 100 W power delivery capabilities and cool leather wrapping. This is a great way to class up your workstation while powering your devices.

You can get the VogDUO Charger from the official website for $89.99.

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Judy on 2022-8-17

Do you have an Australian version 3 pin power plug

Finno Furre on 2021-12-13

European version of 100W USB-C 4-port GaN Charger, please, please!

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