5 Smart Travel Hacks Any Minimalist Traveler Will Love

5 Smart Travel Hacks Any Minimalist Traveler Will Love

We’ve all been there…

Trying to find a new smart gadget that will make our travels easier, a new way of saving money while traveling and the most convenient way to pack light and yet get everything we need on our travels.

If you are rubbing shoulders with travelers, you probably know what the minimalist traveler lifestyle looks like. As a hint, let’s just say that it is full of smart gadgets and smart ideas that make carrying fewer items more enjoyable.

So, are you planning your next trip?

If yes, we have decided to share a list of the newest, freshest smart travel hacks that all minimalist travelers will appreciate.

1.Sunglasses Case For Power Cords

Wondering what’s the best way to store all your power cords when traveling? Minimalist travelers prefer carrying a sunglass case - it is a great way to prevent losing your mind (and your cords as well).

2.Your Own Travel Beverage

Minimalist traveling also means spending less and saving money. One of the best smart travel hacks, in this case, is to make your own travel beverage that is refreshing and keeps you hydrated at all times. Just bring a thermos with you and add lemon, honey, and your own tea bag. Have the flight attendant fill it with hot water and make things a bit more relaxing.

3.A Camera-Equipped With Built-In Wifi

Every traveler knows that traveling is equal to tons of great photos. If you are visiting more cities or are going on a tour, the photo files can pile up and cause trouble. To prevent that from happening and keeping everything with you, carry a camera with wifi function will save your life from your thousands of photos and videos every day.

4. A Travel Wall Charger

Phones, smartwatches, cameras, and laptops have one thing in common - they need to be charged. Now, instead of bringing a pile of chargers and cords with you, we suggest you a smart travel hack - the Multi-Port 30W Slim Wall Charger that saves you time and lets you charge up to 3 USB devices simultaneously. And yes, it will charge your devices fast and won’t take extra space in your luggage! 

Learn More about Multi-Port 30W Slim Wall Charger or VogDUO Charger Pro.

5. Universal Travel Adapters

If you are frequently changing countries, you need a universal charging unit that will help you power up your gadgets at all times. A universal travel adaptor is what you need in this case - plus, it is small enough to save you space, too!

In the end, the best way to make most of the minimalist traveling is to be smart and know what your basic needs will be during your travels.

So, pack light, bring your gear on and say ‘yes’ to new adventures!

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