Top Hacks To Charge iPhone To Prolong The Battery Life

Top Hacks To Charge iPhone To Prolong The Battery Life

If there’s anything that makes people look forward to the next iPhone release, it’s the possibility of prolonged battery life. Sure, the new features and gadgets to go with the new iPhone are often exciting, but nothing can beat improved battery life.

Notably, an iPhone uses what is termed as a lithium-ion battery. Such batteries, according to, have a higher power density to hold charge for longer. Additionally, a lithium-ion battery is said to hold fast charging capabilities. It goes without saying, iPhone batteries are far more superior to other types of batteries.

However, regardless of how superior your lithium-ion battery may be, it’s quality will degrade over time with use. Eventually, the battery will die. It’s unavoidable, regardless, understanding how your iPhone battery works can help increase its durability.

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How Does An iPhone Battery Work?

As previously mentioned, an iPhone lithium-ion battery utilizes fast charging for convenience purposes. However, it charges fast until it reaches 80% only to switch to slow charging. The slow charging is often referred to as trickle charging which is often for the purposes of increasing the ability to prolong battery life.

Two factors affect the fast charging capabilities of your lithium-ion battery. They include the type of apple device you are trying to charge and the settings. So, be sure to check your settings.


Should I Always Recharge My iPhone Battery?

Remember the days of the nickel-based batteries? To get the best out of these batteries, one had to let it drain to zero percentage battery charge, before charging it again. This is because, according to, worked on what was termed as the memory effect. In other words, if you didn’t let the battery drain, it would forget its capacity and fail to fully charge,

However, iPhone lithium-ion batteries do not work this way. You can charge them whenever you want, but charging it once it’s at 50% is recommended. Notably, the battery’s capacity is impacted by the number of charge cycles it goes through.

For instance, you use 50% of your phone’s charge today and you let it charge to 100% overnight. The next day, you use another 50%. This means that you’ve discharged a total of 100% and have completed a cycle.

According to, the capacity of an iPhone battle decreases with every charge cycle. In fact, letting your iPhone discharge to zero is one of the reasons why the battery dies so fast.

Five Top Hacks To Prolong iPhone Battery Life

  • Keep Your iPhone Away From Heat

Research reveals that heat is not good for a lithium-ion battery. The heat will cause a chemical reaction that will drain your battery and damage your battery. Heat, which tends to degrade the lithium-ions in your battery, is considered as the top reason why the battery dies so fast.

Hence, always check the temperature of your phone while charging. If it’s too hot, change the settings.

  • Get A Quality Power Source

Power banks are lifesavers whenever you are away from home. You want to purchase one that can complement the fast charging capabilities of an iPhone. The Power Go comes highly recommended due to its fast charging capabilities.

Within a short period of thirty minutes, your phone will be fully charged. Of course, it is compatible with all Apple devices. It also maintains safety features to protect the devices from overcharging and so forth.

  • Avoid Charging All The Way To 100%

According to, phones are happiest when you keep them between 20% and 90%. This allows you short charges, which in turn, reduces charge cycles considerably.

  • Always Charge At 50%

The fewer the charge cycles, the more durable the battery will be. Moreover, it will help maintain its capacity at an optimal level for longer. According to Battery University, one should maintain partial discharges to maintain the battery’s capacity. In other words, to maintain its ability to hold charge, as well as prolong the durability of the battery.

  • Avoid Exposing Them To Extreme Cold Conditions

The same way the lithium- ion batteries do not like heat, they also do not like cold. Hence, avoid leaving them in cold areas as this can only damage your batteries capacity.


Hope you enjoy the hacks and let us know if you have any other tips! We’d love to hear from you!


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