How Charger Pro helps business travelers

How Charger Pro helps business travelers

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Admit it or not, if you are a business traveler your phone, tablet and even a camera and other devices are an integral part of your life. A business traveler takes these things everywhere they go. Thanks to these smart devices, they can take photos and video, prepare slideshows for their business trips and meetings, stay updated, listen to their favorite podcasts or even watch their favorite games or movies and even remain in touch with the people they love. All these are possible from the comfort of your hotel room.

Now, if you need your devices to do all this, what happens when these devices run out of juice, and you don’t have your car charger or power bank with you? It’s simple, you are stuck. Like with other travelers, a business traveler will always face the same challenges other people face when they are traveling, finding a place to charge your phone. But the difference is that business travelers always have another method to solve the issue aside from using a power bank or a car charger. They can use a wall charger. The Charge Pro from VogDUO to be precise.

Features of the Charter Pro

The Charge Pro has features and character that make it one of the best wall chargers on the market. Some of its features include:

  • Multiple charging slots that can be used to charge various devices at a go.
  • It can charge your phone twice as faster as other chargers
  • Extra flexible because of the 279 degrees swivel plug.
  • Ultra-compact, slim and sleek design.

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Benefits of Charger Pro

There are many benefits to bringing your wall Charge Pro with you on any business trip you go. Some of the benefits it will give you include:

Can be carried anywhere and everywhere you go

When it comes to The Charge Pro, you can carry it in your pocket, your laptop bag or any other place you wish to put it as long as the place is closed to avoid losing it. With an ultra-compact, slim and sleek design. Carrying it is not an issue. Also, it fits well with business travelers who dread carrying heavy loads on their business trips.

More convenience

Without the Charge Pro, you will probably go through so much to get your devices charged. When on business trips, you need to charge your phone, camera, laptop and other devices all at once, most probably at night to be ready for the next session the next day. Failure to do that, you probably know how frustrating it is to go for a meeting, and you don’t have your devices ready. Maybe you need to use slideshows, and your laptop has no power. Just image having a Charge Pro with multiple slots where you can charge all your devices at once.

It charges faster

When compared to other chargers, the Charge Pro provides the currents needed, meaning your devices will charge faster. You don’t have to worry the amount of time your laptop will charger if you want to use it to prepare for your meeting the next day and if you will find time to charge it for the next day. This wall charger charges your devices faster. The most amazing things about this wall charge is its ability to charge your phone or laptop with damaging the battery, something most people experience when using other chargers.

It is durable

If you have tried using other wall or USB chargers before, then you have an idea of how restarting it is when you use it for some time then abruptly stops and breaks. Just imagine your wall charger stops working when your devices are not charged, and you have an important meeting in a few hours. With your Charge Pro, you will never again feel the frustration of dealing with a charger that breaks or abruptly stops to work. You won’t get caught up in the embarrassing situation of having to borrow a laptop to use or not being ready for your business presentation.

Other things you need to know about the wall charger

Thanks to its 270-degree swivel plug, you don’t struggle to plug the charger into an outlet. The swivel plug can fit into small spaces and even big ones making charging more easily for you. Also, the charger universally supports 120-240V. Another thing it is pre-installed with advanced safety systems and ensure utmost safety to the user.

The bottom line

There are some devices business travelers can miss on their business trips. These devices need to be charged to function. Since carrying different chargers for your devices will only increase your load, sleek and ultra-compact design wall charger is your only solution.  The Charge Pro has all the traits for a traveling charger companion. The small size, multiple charging slots, pre-installed advanced system and swivel plug designs make it a supercharger from any business traveler.

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Anye Nevaws on 2019-10- 3

Love the small 3 device charger. What a game changer for my whole family. Thank you for the innovative ways you are coming up with to charge. And it will fit in my purse. Thank y’all. Keep up the good work.

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