Becoming A Minimalist Traveller

Becoming A Minimalist Traveller

Becoming a minimalist traveller is not easy, yet it’s not that hard. It’s going to be hard to adapt to being a minimalist traveller but once you do, it a smooth road all the way down. Your life on the road becomes easier if you train yourself to pack smart and travel light. You finally feel free like a bird not packed like a mule.

Travelling light makes your trips much more comfortable and stress-free. Imagine carrying a bag packed with electronics and their chargers all the way on your trip. There are devices you can't leave behind when travelling. It doesn’t matter what kind of a traveller you are, but you can’t go without your phone or tablet and the chargers. These are not a few things to carry especially if you are a minimalist traveller.

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All of this sounds nice until it comes to packing. Some people haul up to 30kg worth of stuff in their huge backpacks. These people often sweat, stress and curse along the way and swear never to pack so much again.

It's not easy to train your mind to travel light. However lightly you might want there are devices you can afford leaving behind. You still want to stay in touch with the rest of the world and to do this; you must have electronics. Here are some essential electronics you should carry even if you are travelling light:


If you are going for a short trip and you don’t work from the laptop, a smartphone is going to be enough for your trip. With the phone, you can check your emails, text, call, video chat, listen to music, use the flashlight, do your banking, keep notes and so many other things.

Wherever you are going, a Wi-Fi connection is the only thing you need and a charger. If you are going to be out most of the time, I advise you carry the VogDuo power bank. There’s nothing concerning your trip that you can’t do with your smartphone including booking tickets, paying for goods and services, catching an Uber and many other things.

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You are going to be out for the most of the day, and you won't get time to charge the phone in your hotel room. Why? By the time you get back, you will be exhausted. At this time, you will be free and start checking your mail and returning calls. It’s time you are going to relax and catch up with some friends. All this time, you won't plug in your charger since you are using it but the power bank will be charging. A smartphone is all you need, but you have to carry the power bank with you if you don’t want the stress of having to charge all the time.

If you own a smartphone and you are a traveller, this experience is not new to you. You are taking panoramic shots of a beautiful view, and as you reach the best place for a lovely photo, the phone decides to play dead. Your only help will be the power bank. As long as its fully charged, you have the power of taking all the pictures and videos you want without fear of low battery charge.

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Nowadays, you can’t go anywhere without a charger. As long as you have your smartphone with you and you are going on a trip, carrying a charger is not an option. However, there are other options for charging your phone.

For the people travelling with their cars and most of the time will be spent on the road, a charger and the power bank are essential. VogDUO has USB car chargers to ensure you stay fully charged on the road. The USB car charger is plugged into the 12-volt outlet of your car (the cigarette lighter port). Some people claim this charger is obsolete because their vehicles have USB integration system. However, if you need faster-charging speeds, the VogDUO USB car charger is your best bet. Your inbuilt USB carports only put out 1 amp which isn’t enough to charge a tablet. If you are using apps like Google Maps or Waze and charging the phone with your inbuilt USB system, you will get to where you are going without much charge added to the phone.

Packing a wall charger is another option. USB wall chargers have the capacity to charge tablets, smartphones and other USB devices quickly.

Travelling is fun but carrying a lot of stuff can limit the fun. Don’t overwhelm yourself if you don’t have your smartphone charger. It’s still going to be a fun trip with VogDUO devices. Smart and sleek saving the day when you have nowhere else to turn.

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