USB Power Delivery - Universal Fast Charging For Your Devices

USB Power Delivery - Universal Fast Charging For Your Devices

A USB (Universal Serial Bus) has long been in use to function as a charging device, source of transferring data from one device to another and as a route of communication for many devices. With the amount of multitasking a USB can perform, this device has further evolved into a tool with a higher capacity and more technological updates.

However, despite all its function, USBs are more in use for their ability to charge various devices such as mobile phone, laptops, and tablets, etc. With charging being the primary motive of this device, many users came up with USB compatibility issues with their respective devices.

Introduction to USB Power Delivery:

The USB compatibility issue led to the development of the USB Power Delivery. It is very inconvenient for users to own a different set of USB cable to charge their various devices. However, this is no longer the issue, as a USB Power Delivery functions as a single cable over which a number of different types of devices can be charged and have their data transferred. Moreover, this function is further upgraded with a well-defined speed and greater flexibility limits of the device.

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What are the functions of a USB Power Delivery? 

  • As compared to low power production of 0.5 W by USB 1.0 and 2.5 W by USB 2.0, the USB Power Delivery can produce an enormous amount of power of about 100 W. This raises the bar of the USB Power Delivery well above the standard USBs that we have been using for years.
  • With Power Delivery, the direction of the power going out from the host to the device being charged is not fixed. For example, if you have your phone attached to your laptop then it does not mean that only your phone gets charged. In fact, with Power Delivery, even your computer could get charged by your phone.
  • Power Delivery enables efficient usage of power transfer, as it transfers only the required amount of energy to the peripheral device. So, low power devices such as headsets receive just the amount of power that they need.

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The future of USB Power Delivery:

The future of our world is all about making our lives more convenient and hassle-free which is readily promised by the Power Delivery system. In the near future, as more and more USB Power Delivery becomes common, more people can share the power of their devices to charge each other.

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