Why Buy A USB-C Power Bank?

Why Buy A USB-C Power Bank?

Portable power banks have seen their popularity skyrocket and have become one of the most popular electronic accessories which can be bought. As people become increasingly addicted to the electronic, online lifestyle, batteries giving out is something everyone has experienced. Anyone debating purchasing their first-ever power bank can find more information by visiting VogDUO.us today.


For Travellers

 Another generation could travel with nothing but a change of clothes. Those days are gone. Very few leave home without a laptop, Kindle, digital camera, iPod, and Smartphone.

Traveling is about the journey. That means time spent on a plane, on a bus or in a car. Don't forget the standing around in airports and bus stations. The task of finding available outlets to recharge is not easy, but a power bank solves the flat-battery-blues.

For example, the Charger Go and Charger Pro each weigh a piddly 8 ounces and measures 4.75” x 2.78” and less than a half-inch thick. The right size for a pocket, the charger won't dent a backpack or suitcase.

travel suit case 

For Gamers

In 2016 mobile gaming revenue passed PC and console gaming — for the first time. Candy Crush, Angry Birds and the Pokemon Go craze all stripped the batteries of power. Pokemon Go encouraged players to get out in random and exciting places — without a power outlet.

The Power Go  is worth considering as it still small enough to put in a daypack.

video game accessory

For Portability 

Most don't realize how small power banks are. Many will fig in a pocket and still have enough juice to charge a dead device easily.

The Power Go is an excellent choice for a ‘candy bar size.' Weighing in at 8 ounces HOW MUCH WEIGHT and measures only 4.75” x 2.78” and less than a half-inch thick 

It's an accessory easily carried wherever you go..

portable power

For Commuters

While some people  have long commuting distances, the options to pass time are limited. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops make the trip fly by and owning a power bank means the latest news can be read or Facebook scanned while never running out of power.

 bus bart subway gadget

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