How to charge Nintendo switch faster?

How to charge Nintendo switch faster?

Nintendo switch offers versatility and proper functionality when it comes to the Broadway gaming experience. You can enjoy gaming on your giant Television, gaming on the go, on the bus in the park and subsequently anywhere where you please to fulfill your digital appetite. But there arises a problem that needs to be dealt with in order to enjoy the prime gaming time and that is the charging of the Nintendo switch.

According to the multiple gamers playing on Nintendo Switch, the average battery is 3-6 hours depending upon the usage and games you are playing over it. But it can surely be increased effectively, here is what you should do in order to get the most out of its battery;

Charging your Nintendo Switch

In order to determine how to get the best of the battery in your Nintendo switch, it is important how to effectively charge your Nintendo switch. There come multiple scenarios in this regard, whether or not if you are playing on your TV, in console mode, portable mode or when you are away from your home. The best thing you can do is consider on the go charging options for your Nintendo Switch for this purpose you can use the power bank and be done with it if it was that simple.

  1. Charging in Console mode

When you are enjoying your gaming at home there shouldn’t be any problems regarding charging of the Nintendo Switch. But as it happens many people make certain mistakes in this aspect that leads to improper charging, electrical surges in the device and various other complications. For effectively charging your device when in console mode, insert the original Nintendo Switch dock inside the device and let it remain connected with the T.V. You should be able to see the charging icon over the T.V and once it is full you can get back on wild gaming.

Here it is important that you use the original adapter provided by the Nintendo Switch as others lack the proper voltage setup needed for an efficient charge. Nintendo Switch uses 39 watts and approximately 15 volts of power in order to fully charge the device, and once properly charged you should be able to enjoy a consistent gaming experience up to the 3-4 hours. But it is the Joy-cons that can pose the real problem for you, on easy terms they give you a 20 hours battery life but what if you are low on those as well?

To rectify this situation you should invest on the Joy-con charging grips, this way you will be able to enjoy non-stop gaming on your T.V by charging both the Nintendo Switch and the Joy-con simultaneously.

  1. Charging in Portable mode

Here you must be thinking that you are enjoying your game in the portable mode so there won’t be any charging problems you will get an easy charging time up to the 4-6 hours but this isn’t the exact case. While you are using the portable mode all you have to do is take hold of the USB-C cable, plug it into the socket that goes in the Nintendo Switch and continues playing whatever game you were playing. Nintendo Switch will continue to charge while you experience some wild gaming but you won't be able to play certain games that require a practical stand or placing your Nintendo Switch over a hard surface i.e. a table.

What can be done here to make Nintendo Switch charge faster? Here you can stack a few books underneath the Nintendo Switch and continue playing your game, this way the charging won’t be interrupted and you can continue with the game.

  1. Charging Nintendo Switch when not at home

If you are playing on your Nintendo Switch out of your safe home place then it is just a matter of time before your device runs out of the battery. What are you going to do now? Of course, you couldn't have brought the charger with you, therefore the only solution here is the portable power bank. When you have made up your mind around it there are a lot of options available on the market but you have to go with USB-C option for best charging.

Best Portable Power Bank for Nintendo Switch

The best option for you here is Travel Charger Kit—Black VogDUO, it comes with the power delivery of 10000mAh and a USB-C charger type. This power kit can be used one or the other way around, use it to charge a multitude of devices such as mobile devices, laptops, cameras and especially your Nintendo Switch. It provides the voltage required for your particular Nintendo Switch. You can charge multiple devices simultaneously and is a great travel companion and it comes with a replenishment time of only 2 hours. After fully charges you can use it as a power bank or travel kit for charging your Nintendo Switch on the go.

Getting more mileage out of your Nintendo Switch’s Battery

While it might seem highly unlikely to get the maximum mileage out of the Nintendo Switch's battery but there are certain methods that can help you to get the most out of your console. Gaining more charge from your battery might be tricky because unlike iPad or your mobile phone you can't just tap it to low power mode to extend your current battery span, but the following methods might help you get the most out of your Nintendo Switch;


  1. Lower the brightness

Apart from putting a considerable amount of power into processing another thing that your Nintendo Switch has to consistently deal with is your screen. Some people just don’t tempt themselves with the brightness level of their screen and continue gaming nonetheless, this affects the overall charge of the device and it is going to give in very soon.

If you are looking forward to squeezing some more juice out of your Nintendo Switch then you should disable the auto brightness option from the settings and slide the brightness all the way to the end. This might dim your screen light but you will be able to enjoy an easy 30-45 minutes of gaming over your Nintendo Switch.

  1. Detachable Devices

When it comes to detachable components of the Nintendo Switch only Joy-Cons are to be taken care of. You should consider using the Joy-Cons in the detached mode because if they are attached to the sides of the Nintendo Switch then your battery is more likely to drain faster. In order to buy yourself some charging time make sure that the joy-Cons are detached from the Nintendo Switch, to make things practical you can charge Joy-Cons separately and then play with your Nintendo Switch by wirelessly connecting Joy-Cons with it.

  1. Transfer to the Airplane Mode

In order to prolong battery life you should consider switching your Nintendo Switch to the Airplane mode, this is not only for airplanes anymore. You can use this incredible feature to conserve the battery life on your Nintendo Switch, all you have to do is go to the settings and turn the slider in the airplane mode towards on. After some time the Nintendo Switch would switch itself to the airplane mode and your wireless networks such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth shall be turned off giving you an extra 30 minutes on the plate.

However, this hack comes with a downside to it, you won’t be able to play the online games on your Nintendo Switch only the offline media will work, apart from this downside it is one of the most incredible hacks.

  1. Completely switch off

Some of you might presume that while I am not using my Nintendo Switch that means there won’t be any effect over the battery life. It is idle there isn’t any usage anyway, this doesn’t introduce you to a safe zone the battery is still being depleted. What you can do to avoid this anomaly and save yourself some quality battery time to enjoy later? You should simply turn off the device altogether, this will save you tons of battery to be used when you are actually going to play.

  1. Disable the vibration

All of us do enjoy the high definition jiggling that the Nintendo Swatch provides, but ultimately it takes up high amounts of juice from the battery. That is why you should disable the vibration system completely and in turn enjoy the prolong battery life.

Go to the settings and on left select the Controllers and sensors and from there turn the controller vibration off.

The Nintendo Switch, on the whole, offers an immersive and intriguing gaming experience along with the kind of battery or charge it is backed up with. But nothing is more overwhelming then running out of the battery while in between a wild gaming session, therefore, consider using these tips and ultimately you would be able to save considerable juice to get you through your gaming session.






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